Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

We had more snow fall last night. This was added to what was already on the ground from Friday night and Saturday. So we had some wonderful sledding opportunities.

It's a shame that the best snow always comes when Jon has to work. His plant never closes for snow. If you can make it great. If not they'll see you when the roads are clear.
So Jon always feels obligated to go since he knows he can drive in snow.
I appreciated his work ethics, but I put a guilt trip on him this morning.
"Your kids are only young this once. You know that most of the people won't be able to make it off of the mountain. Why don't you go in a couple of hours late and we both take the kids sledding this morning."
He agreed. Isn't my man wonderful?! =)

So after breakfast we bundled the kids up and headed to a friend's house. 
We never made it. They live way out in the country and their roads weren't salted or grated.
So we turned around and on the way back found a great hill right beside Hwy 111.
I was a bit nervous sledding with the kids right next to a highway. But the hill that we found was slanted in such a way that we never even made it close to the road.

Dominic and Caitlin were a bit uncomfortable in their snow suits and car seats.
Caitlin was not afraid to go down the hill by herself at all. She laughed the whole way down.
Isn't this a great hill?
One of us would sled down and then catch the kids at the bottom.
Jon fell half way down.
The climb up was murder, but so worth it.
Jon and I are dead from carrying the four sleds and one kid up every time. 
The kids are fine. =)
Me - dead tired at the top.
At the top.
On the way back to the car.
At the end I put Caitlin on top of the four sleds and pulled her back to the car.
She fell off a couple of times.
Dominic making a snow angel.
Getting home.
Jon finally leaving for work. The roads are still covered.

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richies said...

Looks like fun. We are having a snow day ourselves.

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