Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Kids

Dominic is smart. I knew that from the very beginning. So why am I so surprised when he shows us?
Today he was reading one of his books. He was carefully sounding out the words he wasn't familiar with.
He asked me what sound th made and then carefully sounded out the word something.
Wow! He just started reading on Monday. How can he be sounding out words this big so quickly?
Then just now he was asking Jon and I math questions. He can do simple addition.
I started 1st grade at 7 (I didn't go to Kindergarten) 
so I was 7 or 8 years old before I could do the things he can do now.

Caitlin takes bear bear everywhere with her, including the bathroom.
He has a toy that she uses for his potty. He sits on it whenever she has to go to the bathroom.
When she finishes going potty she carefully puts away her little seat and bear's seat goes back into the bucket of bathroom toys.
Today I reminded her to flush. She reached over to bears "potty" and made a flushing sound before she put it in the bucket. Then she flushed her toilet.

It started with Dominic a couple of years ago. He asked me to pretend to be a bear and eat him up.
So I would growl and tickle and kiss him.
Caitlin now asks me to "bite" when she wants to be tickled.
She saw the puppies playing and they were growling.
"Mommy, puppies tickle."
She thought the dogs were tickling each other. =)

The kids were being super quiet so I went to investigate.
They were "hiding" on Caitlin's bed. Apparently there was a huge monster outside the window.

This is Dominic scaring it away.

Dominic posing for a picture.
Caitlin copying him.

Caitlin is in love with her panties.
I was folding laundry and a couple went missing from the pile.
This is where Jon found them.

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