Friday, January 28, 2011


There is a place called Jumpville that is very similar to Pump It Up that we had in New Bern.
I had taken Dominic to a party there last year, but never made it back.
We were all feeling a bit cagey when I thought of Jumpville.
We jumped in the car and headed over.

This place is three times the size of Pump It Up.
It started out as Wiggle Time - a place for kids 18 months and younger to come play.
Then the owner bought out a bounce house business and added all of the rest.
This picture only shows a portion of it.
The fencing is for the younger kids area.
Caitlin had no fear climbing to the top of this slide.
I was so proud of Dominic. Even when his little friends would rush by Caitlin on the ladder he would patiently wait and help her down the slide before running off to join his friends again.
Jumping and falling.
Half way up the rock wall.
The slide into one of the ball pits.
It was very inexpensive and wore the kids out.
Definitely something to do again.

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