Monday, January 3, 2011

I Can Read with My Eyes Shut!*

Dominic can read.

He was sitting there at the table waiting on me to get out his work sheets.
"Mom, I'm kind of tired of this stuff. I already know my abcs."
So I gave him math and other work sheets.

Then when we went to work on the computer he said the same thing. He was tired of learning his abcs. He already knew all of them and what sounds they made.
So I clicked on the reading link (starfall).
I figured I'd have to help him, but it would be something different.
There are several books that he can read. If he doesn't know the word it will help him sound it out. But he never used the help. He just read through the first book.
By the time he was on the fifth book I was so beyond excited.
I called quite a few family members and we told Dominic that he could celebrate by going where ever he wanted for supper.
We are heading to Taco Bell. =)

So proud of my little boy. 
He's not quite 4 1/2 and is already reading.

*The title of one of his favorite books.

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