Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just saying. . .

"Caitlin, it makes mommy sad when you disobey."
"Does it make Caitlin sad?"
"No, Mommy!"
Ah the honesty!

Yesterday I asked Caitlin if she was my sweet baby girl.
"Well are you my bad baby girl?"
"Well what are you then?"
"you weet big garw." (Your sweet big girl)
Pardon me!
So just now I asked her if she was my sweet big girl.
"No, I weet two garw." (No, I'm sweet two girl)
Can't make up her mind. =)

My mom told Dominic she had to go out to the car to get something.
"Grandma, I hope it isn't a toy for me. I don't need anymore toys. I have enough already."
"No, Dominic."
"Okay, good."
Apparently my talk while weeding through his toys this week hit home.

My mom is here helping me paint my house. She had finished in the front hallway earlier that day and was working elsewhere.
Dominic had disobeyed and was sent to the hallway to put his face in the corner.
We heard a yelp.
"Mom, I can't put my nose in the corner. It will get all wet."
The things this boy will come up with while trying to avoid punishment.

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Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I never get tired of reading cute kid quotes! :) (Loved your phonetic spellings, too. They're just not the same without 'em!)