Sunday, April 10, 2011


This weekend we met my aunt and uncle at Fall Creek Falls to go camping.
It was a wonderful weekend. The forecast called for rain, but we were pleasantly surprised to have beautiful weather all weekend. The kids were even better at camping than we'd hoped.

Setting up the tents.
Washing dishes.
Our canopy. We wanted to be prepared in case it rained. Turned out it worked for a sun shade for the tents during nap time.
Sitting on Aunt Holly's lap for worship.
Bedtime. The kids were so excited about being in the woods in a tent that it took them over an hour the first night to calm down and go to sleep. They then woke us up numerous times during the night. Between them and the raccoons, it was a very long night.
The raccoons were a big pest. We had left some brownies in a pyrex container with a lid on the picnic table. It was pretty heavy. They dropped it on the ground (thankfully it didn't break) and carried it over 10 feet into the woods. The noise woke us all up. Aunt Holly and Uncle Bob went out and rescued the brownies and tied everything down. The next morning there were coon tracks on everything. They came into camp almost as soon as it was dark both nights. They weren't scared of anything.
We were also visited by a skunk. Made me so nervous. Thankfully it didn't bother us.
The next morning we headed out to see as many water falls as we could in one day.
The first one was the main one - Fall Creek Falls. Sadly I don't remember the others names.
We all got in the back of the truck to drive around the park. The kids LOVED this.
Dominic - gulping air.
At the top of the falls.
Caitlin had an easy hike. She walked part of it, but hitched rides the rest of the way.
My cousin Greg came up on Sabbath morning and Dominic fell in love. 
He kept calling Greg his best buddy. It was precious.
I didn't take very many pictures at the bottom of the falls because there was so much mist and spray. I was afraid it would damage my camera. Uncle Bob didn't have his camera card so I lent him one of mine. When he sends it back I asked him to leave the pictures on it, so I'm hoping for some more pictures to post.
There were a couple of suspension bridges. We all enjoyed walking and bouncing across.
Stopping for a scenic break between waterfalls.
Caitlin was so whiney. She'd missed her Friday nap and hadn't had much sleep on Friday night. She badly needed a nap, but was so afraid she'd miss something. She cried for a long time. Finally I went into the tent and laid with her. I sang until she went to sleep. I guess I sang Jon to sleep as well.
The last waterfall was barely visible through the trees, but there was a nice path with a suspension bridge to the top of the falls. These last few pictures are from that hike.
We had so much fun. We were sad to leave, but we were also glad to be back home. The kids are now in love with camping. So we are all looking forward to our next camping trip.

For more scenic pictures, check out my other blog.

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