Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Big girl bed

Caitlin did so well sleeping on the camping trip that Jon 
suggested that she might be ready to try her toddler bed again.
We had tried previously and she wouldn't stay in the bed. 
So we put her back in her crib since she hadn't tried once to get out if it.

We put her in her bed on Sunday night and she's slept there for three nights and as many naps with no problems. She seems really excited to be sleeping in her big girl bed. And unlike her brother hasn't asked to go back to the crib at all. Today she came out of her room a few minutes after I'd put her down for her nap. Once I put her back in her bed again she stayed.
It's also amazing how this has changed her after nap attitude. She would call for me to come get her as soon as she was awake enough to yell for me. Then she'd cling to me and whimper if I put her down for 30 minutes to an hour. But she has to wake up enough to crawl out of the bed and come open the door.
Then she stands at the door and calls to me.
"Mom, I awake now!"
She's wide awake and ready to finish the day. We haven't had a whimper or whine at all.
It's wonderful. And today she asked several times to go potty. 
So maybe we can start again on that this summer.

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