Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Caitlin has had opinions for quite some time about her clothes. Just like her brother I guess. =) I have to pick out 2-3 things and let her choose every morning what she wants to wear. This helps the tears when she isn't wearing what she wants. Then she does the same with the hair bows.

Today we met Jon for lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Jon had to return to work and I was paying at the front. When I turned around I saw a little Chinese lady putting these into Caitlin's hair.
They are pink Hello Kitty hair clips.
Caitlin was in love. She wouldn't take them out. 
It didn't matter that she was wearing a red outfit. She wanted them to stay.
She had gotten noodles and rice all over her clothes. So when it came time for her nap I allowed her to pick out something to wear to bed (and for the remainder of the day).
She came into the living room just now wearing this plus Dominic's crocks which she removed for the picture.
The socks are Dominic's and inside out.
There has been an additional hair bow added.
Boy is she ever proud of this look!

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