Wednesday, April 20, 2011

School tomorrow

Tomorrow is ACE Round-up.
This is the day that prospective students go to Algood Christian Elementary for a half day to try the school out.
Dominic is beside himself with excitement. He's been waiting for this day for "years and years". He has told everyone that he comes in contact with, including random strangers, that he's going to school tomorrow.

Round-up is Thursday. Monday morning he picked out his outfit and told me what he wanted in his lunch.
Tuesday we went to the store and picked out the things to go in his lunch box.
He's been counting down the days since Sunday. Today on the way to meet Jon after gymnastics I hear a screech from the back seat. Scared me to death.
It was Dominic.

I'm torn between being excited for him. It's hard not to be.
And being so sad that he's leaving me. I won't be there with him, watching out for him and sharing in his experiences any more. Ms. Beth-Anne will have to tell me if he says something cute or gets in trouble.
I know that for Dominic this is the best decision, but yikes! it's tearing me up inside.

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Jo Abair said...

oh I feel so sad and happy for you... Its wonderful for him since he wants to go. Tad went to school for 6 wks in preschool, because he wanted to. He was so excited and I was so sad, I wanted to stay outside of his school all day!