Monday, April 18, 2011

Day trip to Dayton

Yesterday we woke up super early (5am) and headed to Dayton to help my cousin and her family put a roof on their house. Jon has done this numerous times and so offered his services. I went along to watch the kids and document the process with pictures since I don't usually go higher than the 2nd rung of a ladder.

Our gps is in serious need of an update. We've been meaning to do it and just haven't. I think after this trip we will remember. Three times it took us on a crazy detour into the countryside. One of the roads had a gate across and we had to turn around. After that time it made us a bit leery of trusting it. It killed me that we were pushed for time. It is beautiful country and I wanted to stop and take pictures so much.

The weather was beautiful and they got a lot accomplished (I'm assuming since I know nothing about roofs.) 
Caitlin and Dominic had so much fun playing with cousin Liz on the trampoline. I think they could have stayed on there all day.
 I tried to get Caitlin to take a nap, but she just didn't want to miss anything. So I finally gave up.
On the way home we went over the first mountain with her asleep. Then we stopped for supper and headed to the next mountain. Caitlin started crying. I'd wondered the last time if she was a bit carsick. But this time she proved it beyond doubt. She threw up everywhere. Thankfully there was a little place to stop on the mountain. I had a change of clothes and we cleaned her and the carseat up as best as possible. Jon drove very carefully around the corners and she seemed fine after she emptied her stomach. Next time we'll be better prepared and won't feed her a big supper before heading over a curvy mountain road.

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