Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The kids

Just a few random comments and pictures that don't really have a theme.

Caitlin has started being very disobedient lately. So she's been punished way more than either of us would like.
We were in the car and she was doing something (I can't remember what now.). I asked her to stop and she didn't. So I reached back and spanked her. In this tearful little amazed voice she said
"You mean to me. You hurt me."

There are some moments that happen as a parent that you never even imagined before you had children.
Explaining to my 4 yr old son why licking his feet was NOT a good idea was one of them.

Caitlin and I were in a bakery today and she starts talking to the lady who owns the store. She pointed to my eyes and said 
"Dis mommy's eyes."
Then she points to her eyes and said
"Dis Grammy's eyes."
She was apparently listening all of those times we talked about who our children resemble.

I walked into my bedroom during quiet time and found Dominic and the cat watching tv on Jon's computer.
Apparently Tolkie needed some bandages. And strangely enough kitty seemed to be actually watching tv.

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