Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter morning

My family never really celebrated Easter.
We would attend a church service with an Easter sermon and, of course, my parents explained what it was all about. But we didn't do the eggs, the bunny, special food, etc.
So when my kids came along I had to pick and chose what traditions I wanted for them.
This morning was beautiful in so many ways.
We slept in and then went to the church for a Easter service and pancake breakfast.
The service was short, but very meaningful and incorporated the children which I loved.

I helped with breakfast and then the kids played while we talked and cleaned up.

Then we came back to the house to hunt for Easter eggs and have a fun family day.
 The stash.
Of course we went to Taco Bell. It may be Easter, but it's also Sunday. 
And we can't let a Sunday go by without eating Taco Bell. =)

Happy Easter everyone! Hopefully your day was as blessed as ours!

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