Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Pictures

Every year I take the kids in to have their pictures taken around Easter time.
They wear more dressy clothes than in any of the other professional pictures.

It was so hard choosing this year that I ended up getting the cd so I could have all of them.
Last time Caitlin was scared of the flash and I ended up having to hold her.
So this time I was a bit worried, but she was fine.
Dominic, on the other hand, was being very goofy. So not very many pictures of him with a real smile, but we still got some great shots.

The kids really enjoyed their session. Dominic even had some advice on what poses to do. He was the one who suggested using the fake flowers in a shot. Bear bear and Josie puppy (the kid's stuffed animals) weren't supposed to be in the pictures, but they wanted them and I figured they were a part of their lives so why not. The little bunnies were props.



Beth-Anne said...

Your pictures look so cute!

Tima Murrell said...

Thanks! I really liked them, but I know I'm biased. =)